Time For Some Change?

Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will.  Then you will receive all that he has promised.”  Hebrews 10:36 (NLT)

Well I finally took my Christmas tree down last night!  Normally I do so right at the first of the year, but this year I couldn’t bring myself to do it then.  Life was so busy before Christmas that I just hadn’t gotten my fill of enjoying it yet!  But it was time for it to go, the needles were all over the place and more importantly, the Boy Scouts were coming around our neighborhood in the morning to pick them up.  I wasn’t quite up to being a lumberjack this year and chopping it up so that it would fit into our green waste can, so it was time!

What else is it time for?  If I were speaking to a group of men, I’d no doubt hear “Football play-off time!”  Some of you gals are there, I know. (Go 49ers!!)  But what I’m trying to get at here are those things that it’s time to change.  Last week I challenged us to take a look at our priorities and make sure we were taking care of the higher ones rather than the lower ones.  I realize in the midst of making that kind of an evaluation there may be a certain amount of resistance or denial to change.  Sometimes we can get quite comfortable with the current state of affairs even though they may not be ideal, or even best for us or those around us.  Change is not easy!  Otherwise we would do it all the time whenever we sensed things getting off kilter.  But have you ever put off changing something for a long time, whether out of fear, stubbornness, being too busy or not wanting to put out the effort, and then when you finally made the change you were asking yourself, “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?”  I’m chuckling to myself knowing I’ve done that many times in my life!

Here’s the thing:  life goes so fast.  The older I get, the more aware of that I become.  I’m not going to live forever.  I don’t have an expendable amount of days left here on earth.  Knowing this drives me to live my life intentionally and to make sure I’m living it in line with God’s will for my life.  When we are living our lives according to how He wants us to, we can rest assured that we’re living life to the fullest and doing the best by it.  Let’s commit this year to making those changes God is leading us towards, knowing that we’ve got each other to encourage us, and His strength to do it.

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