My Feelings vs. God’s Truth

I cling to you; your strong right hand holds me securely.” Psalm 63:8 (NLT)

My husband and I can be quite different in how we respond emotionally to a situation. You, like me, have probably discovered that opposites attract.  God knew that I’d need a man who had the ability to respond in a calm, analytical way to the unexpected circumstances of life.  While I oftentimes respond like Chicken Little who ran around screaming, “The sky is falling!”, he’s lost in thought identifying the problem and coming up with a solution. It is quite humorous at times, and other times not so much.

I remember while honeymooning in Costa Rica we got a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere while driving to our resort. We had been warned by the rental agency that the roads were known to have potholes the size of small vehicles and were told to do our best to avoid them.  They also cautioned us that if we did get a flat tire to keep driving to the next town and change it there because of the risk of being robbed when stopped in an isolated place.

I’m sure you’re guessing what happened—we hit a pothole the size of a Volkswagon Bug and our front tire went flat.  I instantly panicked, not knowing the first thing to do, while my husband calmly and matter-of-factly gave me the car keys, showing me how to hold them as a weapon in case the man approaching us became a threat.  He grabbed the tire iron to serve the dual purpose of tool and weapon-on-hand, and then proceeded to change the tire as though he were a Nascar pit crew member—it was the fasted tire change I had ever seen!

Every day we have a choice in how we respond to the many situations that come our way.  Our feelings can quickly get us off track and then we’re left overwhelmed with fear, worry, anger or depression.  We have a choice in how we respond to our feelings—we can let them overtake us and shadow out God’s promises, or we can choose to not let them get the best of us and hold on to the Truth we find in His Word instead.  I know it’s tough not to let our feelings take over—ask God to help you and then starting clinging to the Truth for all your worth!

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